Meet founders, advisors and investors in our private, highly-vetted community to fund your business.

Join our guild of vetted entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators to connect, and fund our business ventures.

We are focused on supporting founders raising Seed - Series A.

Advisor Services: Meet our vetted team of advisors ready to roll up their sleeves.

On-the-go available masterclasses 24/7: Access award-winning masterclasses for entrepreneurs from some of the best educators, investors, and startup experts in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Once-a-year summit: Come meet each other at our annual summit in San Francisco and pitch investors at our founder funder lounge where many deals have been made in the past.

Bonus: Access to our resource library with dozens of templates (financial / contracts /  checklists / investor database with hundreds of investors focused on women)


We bring together a dozen of highly-vetted advisors. We are former startup founders, investors, and startup experts with deep expertise in Operations, Leadership, Growth, Financials, and Product.

Case Study: Fractional COO + Advisory. 

Here is what our client mastered after engaging with our advisors:

  • Pitch Deck (reviewed)
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Investor Target List
  • Investor FAQs
  • Deal Terms and Deal Room Structure
  • Outreach emails
  • Best pitch awarded in angel group meeting
  • 40+ Investor introductions
  • Term sheet for $6M at $60M post


On-the-go available 24/7

>$200M in market value created 

200 graduates

Master Classes Include:

- Business Models

- Prototyping

- User Discovery post MVP

- Building Tech without a CTO

- Marketing Strategies

- Branding for Your Pitch

-The Best Productivity Tools for Founders

- Team Building and Hiring

- PR for Founders

- Equity 101

- Investor and Advisor Questions

- Pitching

- Fundraising Strategy

Supply Chain 1:1  |  Mental Health for Founders  |  Parenting as a Founder  | Women and Wealth: 5 Things You Need to Know  |  Thought Leadership for Entrepreneurs  |  Go To Market Strategies  |  The Future of Fashion  |  E-Commerce 101  |  Successful Fundraising Strategies  |  The Anatomy of a Deal  |  Catalyzing Change  |  How To Start A Business  |  IP and Patent Basics  |  From Failure to Prosperity - 3 Step Success System  |  Redefining Leadership  |  When Am I Ready to Pitch in Front of a Corporate Partner?  |  Beyond Burnout: 3 guideposts to nurture yourself and your business  |  Preferable Futures  ... and much more

"Kat and I have been doing your 60-second per page deck exercise (we really need a deck and we have found it insanely hard to create), so it has been one of the best exercises we have come across to date." Breen Sullivan / Founder The Fourth Flo


Once a year at our annual summit in San Francisco

Since launch in 2017, our members have found business partners, dream jobs, co-founders, advisors, speaking gigs, investment opportunities, investors, board members, and friends.

Together we can change to odds for early-stage entrepreneurs


Access startup resources we developed or co-developed with other entrepreneurship organizations and experts in their field to help you cut some corners.

Investor List of Female Focused Investors incl. 600 female angels in the US  |  Co-Founder Checklist   |  User Discovery Interview Template  |  Funding Stage Infographic  |  COO Organizational Checklist   |  Investor Pipeline Template  |  Simple Financial Planning Spreadsheet  |  Series A Financial Forecast  |  Diversity Resources  |  The Winning Pitch Deck Slides  |  GUILD Toolbox

"With over a decade of experience as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, I know how overwhelming fundraising can be. That's why we established an advisory practice to provide fundraising and fractional C-Suite support to pre-seed to Series A stage founders.

At the GUILD, we're committed to providing world-class guidance and a supportive community of peers who learn from each other and grow together. Join us today and let's achieve your fundraising goals together! "

Anne Cocquyt, Founder The GUILD, Author of Bestseller DARE TO LAUNCH

Photo: Margot Duane

What our members are saying about the GUILD programs

"In just eight weeks I went from idea to launching a public benefit corporation ..., all thanks to the GUILD Academy and Anne Cocquyt's fantastic coaching." Chelsey Glasson, Founder of Crucé

"As someone with no experience in business or entrepreneurship, the academy master classes have been the blueprint I needed to make my idea a reality. It provided the exact steps and the right resources for me to launch my MVP and get the first paying customers... I'll definitely refer back to the learnings from the academy often as I progress with my business. It's been one of the best decisions I've made. Thank you GUILD academy!" Lirida Kercelli

"Terrific resources, tools, and weekly challenges that push me to take actual steps and help me to get closer to my dream. Plus the opportunity to ask questions and receive support anytime :-)”